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Landscapes and Portrait Photography by Kevin Walker-Smith

Kevin Walker-Smith originates from the Isle of Man and his superb monochrome studies of the Cranstal Saluki breed of dogs on display in Gallery 2 were all taken there. To learn about the persistence and attention to detail required to obtain these photographs, read Kevin's account of photographing Salukis.

Kevin's main profession is as an Engineering Designer and he has combined his technical talents with his art in the production of monochrome and colour prints using his own darkroom. Scanned images of these are exhibited in the landscape section of Gallery 2. A new selection has just been added to the portrait photography wall featuring digital realisations by John Wilson of prints made by Kevin using conventional photographic techniques.

Some images of Berlin, from Kevin's colour slide collection, can be viewed by visiting the interactive " Berlin " slideshow - a recent addition to the gallery basement.

Please remember that the photographic work exhibited in the Gatley Gallery is the copyright of the photographer. Kevin is very happy for copies or reproductions to be made for non-profit use provided an acknowledgement byline "Photo by Manx Image Banx" is printed if they are publicly displayed.

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Astro-photographs, photomicrographs & Web Site by John Wilson

John Wilson's interest in combining visual arts and technology stretches back more years than he cares to remember. Many of the astronomical "portraits" (which you can view in the Observatory and Planetarium ) were all taken between 1968 and 1971 whilst still at school. One of the images of Comet Bennett 1969i taken in April 1970 was published in "The Astronomer" magazine. These pictures from his youth live again in a new medium unimagined in 1970. The Gatley Gallery was started by John in April 1999 and it is hoped that these pictures add interest and augment the terrestrial subjects portrayed in the Galleries below.

To cater for cloudy nights (which are very rare in virtual Gatley), the gallery houses a Planetarium which currently offers four shows: stars at night using John's astrophotography, the comet, a replay of the recent total lunar eclipse of the 9 January 200 and a recreation of the 11 August 1999 total solar eclipse based on photographs taken by John and his wife Fiona from Fonyod on Lake Balaton in Hungary. There is also an eclipse photo gallery showing the splendour of the solar corona and prominences, only normally seen during the brief few minutes of a total eclipse (for the story behind the photographs go to the eclipse photography page .)
If the astronomical photographs interest you, check out the opposite end of the size scale and visit the lab in the
basement where you might be surprised how similar to abstract art photomicrographs can be! Along the basement corridor there is a pictorial display (sketches by John Wilson from period engravings - this was before the days of Xerox copiers!) illustrating the history of the microscope, with links to the Florida State University microscopy museum.

Some conventional landscape and architectural colour slides can be viewed by visiting the interactive slideshow - a recent addition to the gallery basement. " Buildings " is a brief sequence of colour transparencies loosely based on a "building" theme. From the raw materials quarried from the ground and cut from trees, we progress via an ancient Roman wall to a late 20th century steel and glass University building. " Budapest " takes you on a tour of the city's architecture and monuments, some seen from an unusual perspective.

The Gatley Gallery's blend of HTML and artistry provides a new stimulus to display to best advantage the works of talented artists and photographers in an imaginative and attractive manner. The challenge is to make best use of the unique qualities of the World Wide Web without subordinating the subject matter to the technical possibilities. It is hoped that a good balance has been struck so far on this site; your comments would be welcome.

Please remember that all the work exhibited in the Gatley Gallery is original and is the copyright of the artist or photographer. John is, however, very happy for copies or reproductions of his own work to be made for non-profit use provided an acknowledgement is made if they are publicly displayed.

View the Catalogue of John's work.

To contact John about his photographs, email him (see homepage ) at

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