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The Gatley Gallery is a virtual gallery that exists only on this website.

The pictures and photographs are of course real! So are the artists and photographers. The website was created in 1999 by John Wilson to provide a display space for the artwork and photography of friends.

Please note, artwork is neither sold nor commissioned via this website.

To email John Wilson, retype this address (at=@ dot=. no spaces) into your email program (sorry, this is no longer a clickable link, spammers kept extracting my forwarding email address)

Viewing - graphics based site! - best viewed in your browser's full screen mode & 1024x768 Tru Color (24 bit) or greater display setting. Wait for the gallery imagemaps to load and click on the artworks for closer views.

Navigation  - to help you move from one picture to the next, or to step back and see the whole wall, navigation arrows are provided beneath each artwork. move left navigation arrow move back navigation arrow move right navigation arrow  To move around the Gallery, or visit other exhibitions, click on the white notice boards or doorways on the imagemaps.

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