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Watercolours by Gerald V Gadd ex PS, BSP, BWS  

Although Gerald Gadd has painted in most areas of the British Isles he prefers the more mountainous and rugged areas of Wales. The webmaster was most fortunate to contact and subsequently meet Gerald through Vivienne Pooley, also a mountain artist, with whom Gerald has shared exhibitions. He exhibits widely and has won many awards in National and International painting competitions. His work is to be found in collections in America, Japan, South Africa, Australia, Canada, the Middle East, Europe, Japan and New Zealand as well as in the United Kingdom.

Though primarily a water colourist, he also paints in a variety of media including oils, pastels and gouache. He exhibited regularly at the Mall Galleries, London, with the Royal Institute of Watercolour Artists (RI), the Royal Institute of Painters in Oils, (ROI) and the Pastel Society (PS), where his work came to the attention of the private London galleries.

In1978 Gerald Gadd was elected member of the Pastel Society of Great Britain and voted onto the Council of that Society the following year. Election to membership of the British Watercolour Society and the British Society of Painters followed. It was soon realised, however, that membership of these societies involved excessive travelling to and from exhibitions and meetings, which was both time consuming and exhausting, so in 1990 he reluctantly resigned membership of all National Societies in order to concentrate on painting.

Publication of limited edition prints of some of Gerald Gadd's work has proved very popular, introducing his work to a larger and growing audience both at home and abroad. A selection of these can be seen in
Gallery 5 left wing and Gallery 5 right wing. Some of Gerald's recent originals are now on display, also in Gallery 5.

Please remember that the paintings exhibited in the Gatley Gallery are the copyright of the artist.

View the Catalogue of Gerald's work.

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Paintings by Michael Hamlett-Wood

Mike Hamlett-Wood works from Sandbach in Cheshire UK, mostly in oils but also in watercolour, gouache and other media. He paints mainly landscapes but likes to work in different subject areas at times. Although he has in the past lectured and taught art, he now paints principally for pleasure. The webmaster was originally put in contact with Mike through a colleague of Steve Taylor, an amateur artist also featured on this site.

Gatley Gallery is privileged to exhibit some of Mike's more unusual work. These large oil paintings can be seen in the gallery linking the Planetarium and Observatory in an exhibition which we have called "Other Worlds". These are what Mike calls "mixed images" and they encompass futuristic, historical and ethnic themes. Most of his work is realistic rather than abstract and we are also featuring some of his more conventional work in a mixed media exhibition in Gallery 4

Please remember that the paintings exhibited in the Gatley Gallery are the copyright of the artist.

View the Catalogue of Mike's work.

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Paintings by the late David McRae

It was with considerable sadness that the webmaster learned of David McRea's premature death on 24 November 2002 resulting from a rabies infection from a bat. David worked from his home base in Guthrie, Angus, developing his long interest in art and natural history, after leaving a career in art galleries and museums. His artistic projects took a number of forms, though David was more usually concerned with the wildlife and landscape of Scotland and of more remote parts of the world. He specialised particularly in the depiction of mammals, often otters and bats. He was a licensed bat consultant and trainer of others in this field.

In 1995 David was privileged to spend time with, and record images of, the stone age Dani people while serving as artist to the British - American expedition to remote Irian Jaya (New Guinea). On this visit, mountaineer Doug Scott completed the climbing of the highest peak on each of the seven continents by conquering Carstensz Pyramid (4884m), the highest peak in Australasia.

Past trips with climbing expeditions to wilderness regions of Europe, India, Nepal, and Patagonia all resulted in paintings recording David's impressions of the people, wild landscape and creatures of the regions.

A sample of David's work may be viewed in Gallery 2. The webmaster is indebted to Ian McRae, David's brother, for the original opportunity to display David's art work and for his permission to continue to maintain the exhibition in David's memory.

Please remember that the paintings exhibited in the Gatley Gallery are protected by copyright law.

View the Catalogue of David's work.

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Landscape Paintings by Vivienne Pooley BWS  

Vivienne Pooley is a professional landscape watercolour painter whom the webmaster first met some years ago through a mutual interest in musical performance. As well as being one of the UK's finest watercolour painters of mountain landscapes, Vivienne is also a talented amateur 'cellist. She works from her studio (Hyninglea Studio) in Kirkby Lonsdale in Cumbria, NW England (UK) and also exhibits her work in the home-based Pooley Gallery. Vivienne grew up in this region where she acquired her deep love of the mountains and wild places. It was here that she developed her artistic skills which allow her to portray these landscapes in paint and she was soon exhibiting with the Lake Artists Society. A few years ago, Vivienne was elected a member of this prestigious Society.

In 1971, Vivienne gained a degree in Printed Textile Design. After a few years intermission to have a family, she resumed her watercolour painting with renewed vigour and has been working full-time as an artist for 24 years. Vivienne exhibits regularly in Cumbria, North Wales, Scotland and Cheshire (UK). Her first serious overseas sketching and painting trip, in recent years, was in the Alps, near Chamonix, where she spent two weeks trekking in order to capture the immensity and splendour of the region in her paintings and in doing so circumnavigated Mont Blanc. Since then she has returned regularly to mainland Europe. The Gatley Gallery is proud to exhibit a selection of Vivienne's Alpine studies in Gallery 4. Also showing in Gallery 4 is a small sample of her UK work, which includes spectacular mountain scenes from the Isle of Skye, Scotland and the English Lake District.

Please remember that the paintings exhibited in the Gatley Gallery are the copyright of the artist.

View the Catalogue of Vivienne's work.

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Collage by Carolyn Stubbs

Carolyn Stubbs is a writer and graphic designer working in the south west of the UK, having qualified in Graphic Design & Visual Communication in Bristol during the 1990's, following a career change.

She is experienced in the field of communication, both written and visual and her work appears in a variety of formats: in the UK's leading national press in travel advertisements, on the web in business reviews and in various magazine and trade journal features. Other published work includes an anthology of poems, the book 'Living Tavistock' now in its second edition and various technical/IT brochures.

Carolyn is applying for a place on the Fine Art & Landscape Studies MA course (Bristol) which begins in 2001.

Gatley Gallery is delighted to host a virtual presentation of Carolyn Stubbs' large scale collages ' Yesterday , Today , The Future... ' at different and appropriate times (and locations) in the foyer display .

Working as an environmentalist, 'Yesterday, Today, the Future...' began as an alternative and unique way in which to raise public awareness on important issues. Explanatory notes about each of the 22 separate pieces making up the three panels are linked to each image via the "about" buttons. Although Gatley Gallery is the only website hosting the complete collage, examples were also featured on the RSA and WPSD websites.

Carolyn used literally thousands of individual slivers of recycled paper, cut and shaped to build a montage of images, the majority of them very fine and detailed in nature. The chosen medium was successful when entering a UK design competition in 1996 and so this technique was applied again to the current project. A Trust has been founded by Carolyn along with two other Trustees to further the aims of the environmental messages and to campaign for positive and sound environmental policies - The Trust for the Promotion of Environmental Awareness.

These three panels were exhibited in Bristol, together for the very first time, in May 2000 at The Architecture Centre, Narrow Quay, Bristol. The webmaster was kindly invited by Carolyn to the opening of the Bristol exhibition. The collages were subsequently exhibited at the CREATE Environmental Centre in Bristol in Sept/Oct 2000. 

Carolyn recently received a national award from the Conservation Foundation in conjunction with Wessex Water. These awards are presented each year to people who have worked for the good of all in some way for the benefit of the environment. The work was judged by a panel which included David Bellamy and the presentation took place in January and included a cheque for 500 which has given a much needed boost to the Trust and will enable the production of some posters of the work.

Please remember that the works exhibited in the Gatley Gallery are the copyright of the artist. 'Yesterday, Today, The Future...' has been created as a non profit making venture only, with the sole aim of getting the issues publicised and to stimulate public debate and awareness.

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Paintings and Drawings by Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor is a Staffordshire born man who spent his formative years in his county of birth and Hong Kong. The majority of his working career has been spent in the service of Her Majesty's Royal Navy where he saw action in the Falklands Conflict on a famous nuclear submarine. He now works as a Naval Safety Engineer, is happily married and lives contentedly in Ulverston, Cumbria in the north west of the United Kingdom with his wife, two children and a little black cat. His artistic work also includes poetry and his imagery is influenced by the dark and light obstacles he has encountered on his journey through life.

His view of art is that it should be enjoyable and should be adventurous. This is reflected in the challenges that he sets himself. For example portrait sketches undertaken at fetes etc. The selection of drawings and pictures exhibited in Gallery 1 are a small reflection of his work.

Steve has executed a number of pet portraits using coloured charcoal pencils. He believes that art must be enjoyable and a challenge; watercolour paintings are Steve's latest interest, however he still experiments in other media.

Please remember that the paintings and illustrations exhibited in the Gatley Gallery are the copyright of the artist. Steve is very happy for copies or reproductions of his work to be made for non-profit use provided an acknowledgement is made if they are publicly displayed.

View the Catalogue of Steve's work.

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