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Art & Photography

email Gerald Gadd

email Michael Hamlett-Wood

David McRae
email Ian McRae

Vivienne Pooley's Website
email Vivienne Pooley

email Carolyn Stubbs

email Steve Taylor

The National Gallery

Louvre Museum

Mountain Art
Artist & climber Anthony 'Ginger' Cain's paintings & prints

Royal Society of Arts

Arts Council England

Astronomy & Microscopy

The Astronomer
UK amateur astronomy journal

British Astronomical Society

Mr Eclipse
Fred Espenak's eclipse site

Florida State University microscopy museum

Web Authoring (tools used to create Gatley Gallery)

Arachnophilia HTML Editor

This is CareWare

Corel (formerly Jasc) Paint Shop Pro
Map This!

Environmental Issues



RSA Sustainability Action Group Exchange


Cranstal Salukis (Ann Shimmin)

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